What we do

New Developments

  • Elevator Traffic Analysis for early conceptual planning.
  • Provide generic Shaft and Core sizing for schematic planning.
  • Budget Cost Estimates.
  • Formal Design and Technical Specifications.
  • Bidding Specifications and Contracts.
  • Checking of Workshop Drawings and approvals.
  • Site Progress Inspections, Punchlisting issue and sign-off.
  • Formal turnover, testing and commissioning services.
  • Full Service Design and Project Management from start to finish.


  • Determine proper extent of Work to suit individual projects.
  • Purposely tailored Modernisation Specifications.
  • Call for Tenders or Negotiate Direct.
  • Programme and Planning determinations.
  • Full Site Control and Management.
  • Attend Site Meetings and provide regular Client feedback of progress.
  • Progress Claim Validation and Certification.
  • Performance Measurement and Certification of completed works.
  • Defects Management Control – monitor during the Defects Liability Period.

Service & Auditing

  • Provides for regular, critical reviews of service standards of the Service Provider.
  • Reports are an important aid the management capability of busy Asset Managers, Property Managers and Managing.
  • Agents who control multiple, major properties.
  • Audit frequency of quarterly, six monthly or yearly.
  • Detailed reports that take account of reviews of general performance of both the Lift Contractor and the Lift Equipment.
  • Breakdown/Malfunction analysis. Reviews reliability averages and monitors response times.
  • General upkeep/appearance/housekeeping and compliance with Contractual obligations of the Service Provider.
  • Allows Asset Managers and Building Owners to properly forward budget for future expenditure particularly if modernisation is likely.

General Services

  • Due Diligence advice to Building Owners/Developers regarding the purchase or sale of properties.
  • Basic early Conceptual Design and Feasibility Studies for new developments.
  • Straight Project Management of Installation, Service or Modernisation works after client has direct negotiated Contracts.
  • Overall budgetary planning and estimating of longer term cost allocations - particularly relative to major, multiple Building Owners.
  • Lift Maintenance Agreement negotiations. Caters for the provision of various performance based criteria that ensures on-going, positive focus by the Service Provider to be included within any new Maintenance Agreement.
  • Advice to the Insurance Industry in respect to water, fire damage claims, personal injury and the like.
  • Checking of designs, plans and estimates prepared by others – Peer Reviews.