Service & Auditing


Maintenance Monitoring

This service allows for us to manage and overall control your elevator maintenance for you. We monitor the performance of the Service Provider on behalf of the Owner/s. We monitor the actual work processes of the Service Provider to ensure reliable and efficient elevator services are provided to your building.

The service is a retainer based Contract of either 1, 2 or 3 years duration. It is all encompassing and is designed to provide an intermediary service to act as a "buffer" between the Owner (Building Manager, Property Manager, Asset Manager, Engineering Staff) and the Elevator Service Provider.

Maintenance Agreements

We can develop a purpose designed Maintenance Agreement for you and can negotiate it thru to signing. The Agreement contains Performance Parameters to be maintained and Penalties for non-performance.

Auditing Service

This service is centred on either one-off or regular detailed inspections of your elevator installation. It allows for the issue of Punch Lists for any rectifications or adjustments necessary to maintain a safe reliable service, including continual follow-up until all works are satisfactorily completed.